Ryan Frahm


A professional leader with nearly 20 years of immense experience within the electrical industry.

Ryan has worked on and been part of some of South Australia’s and the nation’s largest projects, both management and field based.

Ryan’s number one strength is his ability to strive for success and to lead a team with extreme confidence. His spirited and determined nature has all the attributes to create a successful company, not to mention his vast experience in both business and project management.

Green Connect was created with Ryan’s key characteristics in mind: Initiative, Communication, and Loyalty. By utilising these key components continually, this provides both our clientele and our team the focus and reassurance to ensure our company foundation maintains its rock-solid reputation well into the future.

Bryan Hunt


Bryan is a highly motivated manager with the desire to deliver a complete quality product, on time and within budget.

He has a strong reputation of being a trustworthy and highly dependable person with a focus on people relations. Bryan has developed some strong relationships within the industry that will stand the test of time.

With over 25 years of experience in the building industry, Bryan has worked predominantly with Tier 1 projects, and has previously been involved in large commercial projects such as the Calvary Adelaide Hospital, the New Royal Adelaide Hospital, and the Adelaide Oval re-development, to name a few.

Bryan is very passionate about working with people to gain the absolute best results for both our clients and our team. This creates a working dynamic like no other.

Mick Dempster


Mick has extensive leadership and management skills with nearly 20 years of experience in commercial and industrial construction and maintenance.

His variety and exposure within the industry provides Green Connect with experience that money cannot buy. Mick’s ability to multitask and to promote a healthy working environment onsite is his strongest attribute, not to mention his high regard to safety – always.

Mick is a true asset to the Green Connect team. His job satisfaction and onsite support assures our clients, and our team are constantly in safe hands.

David Coats


David is a highly professional and driven leader with nearly 20 years’ experience throughout the commercial electrical industry.

His solution based and lateral thinking capabilities, coupled with his extensive planning and structure produce a true recipe for success, ensuring continual project deliverance. He also prides himself on strong communication and time management. These key characteristics are imperative to be a successful construction estimator.

David flourishes under pressure and this allows him to stand out of from the pack, and provide proven results. His commitment to success is truly impressive and paves our way for the future.

Jodi Buck


Jodi is a highly passionate and exceptional leader with over 15 years of extensive experience in Administration and Customer Service roles.

Her exposure to industries including commercial development, insurance building and property valuation provide experience in all areas Green Connect services. There is no doubting her commitment to meeting all client expectations, showcasing her ability to repeatedly deliver proven results.

Jodi’s hard working and highly driven nature is inspirational, not to mention her strongest attribute. Jodi continually strives for excellence, which ensures both efficiency and professionalism for our clients and our team.

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